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Employment law in Ireland has changed dramatically over the past decade. We have vast experience in employment litigation and act for the members of two large trade unions in relation to all employment matters.

Our advice online service will provide you with the necessary legal advice to establish if you may have a claim against your current or former employer. Alternatively please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a consultation.

Employment disputes can take many forms and the most commmon are in relation to:

Unfair Dismissal
Do you feel that you were unfairly dismissed?
Do you feel that you had no option but to leave your employment?
Are you at a financial disadvantage?

Unfair Dismissal cases are becoming more frequent and the establishment of the Employment Appeals Tribunal has meant that complainants do not have to endure the pressure associated with normal court cases.

If you have been a victim of unfair dismissal and believe that you may have a case for compensation and/or re-instatement please feel free to avail of our advice online service.

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Are you being bullied?
Do you feel discriminated against?
Are collegues subjecting you to harassment?

Unfortunately Bullying and Harrassment are becoming a very common part of many work places. Many people feel that management are ignoring their complaints and feel compelled to leave their employment. We are in a position to assist you in rectifying the situation. Please do not hesitate to avail of our advice online service and we will advise you as to your rights and how these should be enforced.

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Payment of Wages
Do you feel that you are not receiving what you should?
Are you recieving the correct minimum wage?
Are you benefiting from all your entitlments?

Recent legislation has provided all employees with rights in relation to annual leave and sickness leave. It is very possible that you should be recieving more than you are currently. If you feel that you are not receiving what you are entitled to then please do not hesitate to avail of our advice online service.

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